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Kerry Colson Manchester Upholstery School

Kerry Colson

Kerry Colson Upholstery

Gravity Defeated offer a fantastic solution based insight into the problems that a small business has to deal with, and how to overcome these hurdles

Anne Welch Pembrokeshire Massage Thai Leelavadee

Anne Welch

Leelavadee Massage

Gravity Defeated created a one-page website for my business. I just love it!

Eastgate Gallery and Mena Ceramics

Mena Williams

Mena Ceramics

I needed someone to maintain of all of the technical parts of my business, provide targeted Facebook marketing, keep my online shops running and all with ongoing support & expert advice. Just brilliant.

Your Success is Our Success

The technical parts of business can bog you down, we take away the problems and leave you to concentrate on what you are good at.


What's Our Point of Difference?

We build website content based on your proposition and your client or customer's requirements, optimising your visibility with search engines and building your brand authority in the process.

But what does all of this mean to you?

Would you buy a car without wheels?

Don't buy a website with no wheels

Then don't buy a website without SEO

Many website builders will offer to create a website for you but will fudge over SEO details in a deliberate attempt to avoid optimising content. We optimise, index, and submit your site to search engines to attract organic traffic.

Talk to us;

We can give your website wheels!

Q: Can you prove this?

Yes, we can!

Three Examples of how we work

Local SEO:

Pembroke Karate needed a new website that was simple but powerful enough to establish a first-page ranking and attract new students. The primary keyword is Pembroke Karate, and the page was built around this phrase. It has been number one since 3 months after it launched in mid-2022.

Beating a Brand:

Oral Syringes sell medicine syringes which are not readily available on prescription or to purchase. The primary keyword challenge was taking a share of high-volume search from a brand; Calpol. What makes this a difficult task is that the brand is so well known. In this instance, we had to ensure that we avoided any copyright violations, and secondly, the site ranked higher than Calpol and major competitors like Boots and Amazon, etc. We targeted the keyword using a long tail solution (calpol syringe replacement) which allowed us to hit the number 1 spot in the first 6 months. We also pushed secondary keywords further in the content and ended with 4 results on page one of Google.

Limited Content Site:

Upper Portclew Farm is a working farm in Freshwater East with a large camping field. They also happen to be my neighbours. During the first few weeks of lockdown, I made the decision to create a website for the farm campsite in South Pembrokeshire. I believed that the website would enhance the visibility of the campsite as an exciting destination due to its breathtaking view of the surrounding area, the sea, and Lundy. Working with limited content, and a simple one-page design, we were able to get the website within the top 3 results.

We understand your business challenges

We work with you to analyse your competitors, market, clients and end goals

Website portfolio (1)

Case Study:

A Tale of Niche Domination

Just because a market is perceived as small does not mean it is easier to dominate impression share. If anything, it could be considered the complete opposite because the point of difference between competing products is extremely narrow. We analysed core keywords and created content to boost site impressions for the most popular keywords.

Find out how we can help you

What else can we do for you?

Quite a lot, actually and probably enough to help you succeed, without giving yourself a headache.



We can provide sites built using, WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, WooComerce to name just a few.


Don't try and reinvent the wheel, just ask us a question and we can draw on our extensive knowledge to give you an unbiased answer.


We can offer a variety of payment integrations that start with being able to invoice, all the way through to subscription services.


Want to let your customers book themselves into your schedule, paying to schedule, and syncing with your diary? We have you covered.


Finding technology a burden for you or your business. We have support packages that give you your own IT department at a peppercorn rate.


Need to get the word out about your business? We can segment your audience to a granular level and ensure your Marketing campaigns are as targeted as possible.

Social Media

Social Media is now the best place to engage with your customer base, we can help you automate your activity and increase engagement.


New logo? Business cards? Letterheads? Merchandise? We can take your ideas to a finished product for your medium.

Cloud & Apps

There are now thousands of different ways you can unchain yourself from a desk using cloud computing and web apps. We can get you up and running.


We've worked for and run our own global businesses for the last 30+ years


No unexpected surprises or out of control spending. We can charge by the minute with capped costs.


Working by the minute allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to your requirements.


Is your web host costing you too much? We can host your site from £15 per month, billed monthly with no contract!


We can set up your free Business listing on Google and help your business get noticed on other search engines and platforms


The future is AI and it's here, now. We can help you get to grips with how this change can benefit your business and workflows


Without SEO you have a website that cannot be found. Our SEO will increase your website traffic with real results that can be measured with reports

Given the right information, we can do just about anything a small business needs, just ask us if we can help.

Are you local?

Yes, we are. We witnessed the world changing rapidly in 2007. We wanted to achieve a work/life balance, so we began using cloud-based systems to operate our international business, Grieves Pryce, from mobile devices. We have been working out of Freshwater East since 2013 using these technology platforms.

We are now in a position where we can offer this knowledge and expertise not only internationally but locally in Pembrokeshire.

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